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Welcome to the SRPNZ website

Have you played the recorder before and would like to again?  Do you want to improve your playing technique, play in a group or perform in public?  All this and more is available in a friendly fun environment when you join the Society of Recorder Players New Zealand Inc.

Our aims are:

Input from the SRPNZ membership is one of the most important aspects of this website, so I am looking forward to hearing from you.  The web pages in the website will indicate the sort of information I am looking for.  The email address for all website business is

For all other business, please email the Secretary at


See the Events page for details of the Orpheus Recorder Boutique 2015 in Armidale, Australia

See the News page to view a video of the Tiritiri Matangi 25th Anniversary Music Event

See the News page for Kevin Kim’s recent performance of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’.

Latest update 8/07/2014

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